Excited to Walk

Savannah often walks in her Upsee, a walking device from Firefly Friends (www.fireflyfriends.com) with her physical therapist or her mom. As you can see in this photo, the Upsee includes a vest for the child, an adult waist belt with straps and shoe paddles. It comes in four different sizes, XS, S, M, and L.
While using the Upsee, your child works on weight bearing through her/his legs and feet, standing, walking, alternate stepping, head and torso control.

Savannah loves her Upsee and becomes excited every time we take it out to use. I’m sure your child or someone you know with special needs would love it too!

To put on the Upsee, your son or daughter will need their braces (AFO’s) and shoes on. Next, put the Upsee vest on your child. Then, snap the waist belt in place. The most challenging step is strapping yours and your child’s shoes while you sit on a small bench. Lastly, connect gray and black straps together. Stand up with your son or daughter and begin your walk indoors or outdoors. Savannah loves walking in her Upsee outside. We often walk on different surfaces: the driveway, street, sidewalk and the grass and walk in a variety of directions: forward, backwards,
and sideways. I highly recommend the Firefly Friends product, the Upsee.

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