Savannah’s Journey
with Cerebral Palsy

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Coping with Cerebral Palsy

Hello, I’m Angela, a mother to a 12 year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy and Auditory Neuropathy. I also have two sons. My daughter was born three months premature, which caused her disability. We had to go through a lot of experiences and struggles with her.

What We Do

When my daughter, Savannah started to make progress, I decided to share my story, experiences, and the knowledge that my family and I gained while discovering her. I now provide that information to families with such special needs. Learn More

Our Mission

The mission of my blog is to provide information, and resources, and share my own experience, of caring for my daughter with special needs. You’ll find posts about therapy, necessary equipment, activities, care and medical conditions, feeding, and available funding. Read More



I am grateful that we could overcome all of it with the help of several solutions. Savannah regularly goes horseback riding for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. This therapy is called Hippotherapy which is quite beneficial.

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