Family Bicycling Challenge

Topics reviewed in this article:

  • Try bicycling as a family around your neighborhood or on a nearby trail
  • How to can a special needs child participate in Bicycling?
  • What accommodations is needed for your special one?
  • Questions to ask yourself to improve your child’s experience

Try Bicycling as a Family

Looking for activities to participate in as a family with your special needs child? Bicycling around your neighborhood or on a trail is a great way to spend time with each other and enjoy yourselves on a warm day.

How Can A Special Needs Child participate in Bicycling?

During the summer, my husband had an idea to bicycle as a family including my daughter with Cerebral Palsy. Because she is unable to sit or walk independently, she cannot ride a bike like the rest of us. Therefore, we had to figure out how to involve Savannah in our adventure.


To adapt the Burley for Savannah, her Special Tomato chair is strapped inside of the Burley to ensure she is fully supported. Luckily, the Special Tomato chair has made it possible for Savannah to participate in our family bicycle rides.

To protect her from the sun, Savannah wears her prescribed sunglasses, Sunday Afternoons sun hat and wears sunscreen. We bring water, snacks and G tube feedings.

When Your Special Needs Child Complains During Bicycling

Although majority of my family have enjoyed bicycling around trails, there has been challenges to ensure Savannah is comfortable and enjoying the ride too. During many situations with Savannah, it’s like a puzzle that you need to solve. Unfortunately, she cannot verbally tell us her reasons to complain. Savannah has not been enjoying our family bicycle rides. She lets us know of her discomfort by crying.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Child’s Experience

  • Is she too hot?
  • Is the sun directly in her eyes?
  • Is she thirsty?
  • Is gravel from the trail coming into the Burley?
  • Is the trail too bumpy while we ride?
  • Does she have enough leg room?
  • Since Savannah has reflux and often burps, does she have a burp?
  • Is she tired?
  • Is she not having fun and wants to go home?

Hopefully, we can figure out how Savannah can enjoy bicycle rides, too!

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Savannah Smiles