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The Ultimate Stretching Guide for your Special Needs Child

Stretching your special needs child is essential. Many children with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy have an increased muscle tone and their positioning needs to be adjusted. This ebook will make stretching your child easy. 

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If you want your daily stretches with your special needs child to be easy, this ebook will guide you. 

Here is what the ebook entails: 

13 Head to Toe Stretches

The #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING you will get out of this ebook is having a guide you can always refer back to you every time to stretch. 

Each stretch includes the name of the stretch and the reason for the stretch. 

Photos of the stretches are also included to provide a helpful visual.


See how the ebook has helped other parents!​

This ebook was really helpful for me to do stretches with my child. It is self explanatory and easy to read.
Kate Fitgerald
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Thank you so much for this wonderful ebook! You have helped me tremendously! There are so many stretches to do with my child.
Pete Levitt
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Get the FREE ebook!

Just tell us where you want us to send it. 

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